Christ and His Kingdom

The Gospel of Mark

Jesus came to save us from the wilderness

Mark 1:1-15

(John Ames)

Jesus calls His disciples

Mark 1:16-20

(John Ames)

Attach to the amazing Jesus

Mark 1:21-34

(Bill Jones)

We need time with the Father

Mark 1:35-39

(John Ames)

Jesus heals with compassion

Mark 1:40-45

(John Ames)

Forgiveness is most important

Mark 2:1-12

(John Ames)

Jesus is the Great Doctor

Mark 2:13-17

(Bill Jones)

Jesus is Questioned about Fasting

Mark 2:18-22

(John Ames)

The Problem of Legalism

Mark 2:23-3:6

(John Slaiger)

There is no audio recording for Mark 3:7-21

Sin Against the Spirit and the Family

Mark 3:22-3:35

(Bill Jones)

The Parable of the Soils

Mark 4:1-20

(John Ames)

Exchange Fear for Faith in Jesus the Messiah

Mark 4:35-41

(John Ames)

Jesus is Greater than the Devil

Mark 5:1-20

(John Ames)

The Father Heart of Jesus that Washes and Raises

Mark 5:21-43

(John Ames)

Jesus is the Son of God who Compassionately Provides for All

Mark 6:30-46

(John Ames)

Jesus Heals the Deaf and the Mute

Mark 7:31-37

(Bill Jones)

Jesus Heals the Blind Man

Mark 8:22-26

(John Ames)

Jesus Wants us to Believe and Follow

Mark 8:27-9:1

(John Ames)

The Kingdom Way of Christ

Mark 9:33-50

(John Ames)